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Managing Campaigns

Creating a Campaign
Creating a campaign is easy with SharpSpring Ads. This guide will help you get a... more
Editing a Campaign
To make changes to a campaign: From your Dashboard, click Manage-> Campaigns... more
Pausing or Activating Campaigns
You can pause or activate your campaigns at any time within your account. Pausi... more
How to Copy a Campaign
You've got a great campaign running. Now you want to target the same users, but ... more
Using Geo Targeting in Your Campaigns
If you'd like to view a video of this process, that is available here (https://s... more
How to Use CPC Bidding in Your Campaign
Your SharpSpring Ads campaign will run on a CPM basis by default, but we also of... more
Viewing Your Ads Live on Facebook or the Web
This article will describe a method to help you view your ads live on the web or... more
Blacklisting Domains to Boost ROI
Got a domain that’s underperforming for your web retargeting? Now you can add it... more