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How to Use CPC Bidding in Your Campaign

Your SharpSpring Ads campaign will run on a CPM basis by default, but we also offer the option to run your campaign on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis. CPM bidding allows you to cast a wide net, getting your ad in front of as many customers as possible. CPC bidding will allow you to optimize your bid on clicks, ideally getting your ads in front of the users most likely to click.

To activate CPC bidding, create a new Facebook campaign or edit an existing campaign. Scroll down to step 3 and select Manual Bidding.

Change the "Optimize On" setting to Link Clicks:

In the "Pay For" box, select Link Clicks (CPC).

Then choose your Bid Amount. Clicking the "Auto Bid" option will tell Facebook to bid with the goal of getting you the lowest possible cost per optimization event while also trying to spend your entire budget by the end of the day.

You can also uncheck this box and set a max CPC bid (see notes below).

Please note the following regarding CPC bidding:

  • CPC Bidding is currently available for Facebook campaigns only. We do plan to support CPC bidding for web campaigns soon.
  • The minimum budget for a CPC optimized campaign with Auto-Bid enabled is $50/week.

For more information about bidding strategies on Facebook, see this article.

If you have any questions about using CPC bidding, please contact ads@sharpspring.com.