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Viewing Your Ads Live on Facebook or the Web

This article will describe a method to help you view your ads live on the web or Facebook after you've launched a campaign. There are many variables that go into when, how, and where your ads are served when running a campaign. Due to the nature of real-time bidding and the algorithms the ad networks use to serve ads, it is not possible to predict exactly when or where you may be served your own ads. Depending on the campaign settings, ad types, bid settings, time of day, and other factors, you may not always see your ads when you want to. However, using these steps will give you a good chance of getting your ad served somewhat on demand.

To view your ads:

  • Clear your browser's history, cookies, and cache. Alternatively, use Incognito mode or private browsing mode.
  • Visit a page on your website that you are targeting (If you are targeting your "All Visitors" audience, any page of your site will suffice.)
  • Visit various pages of your site, view products, or navigate to URLs you know you are tracking with an audience.
  • In the same browser window, navigate to other websites that display ads. Browse Facebook if you're running a Facebook campaign, or popular sites like Yahoo.com if you're running a web campaign.

It may take multiple visits or page refreshes before your ads will display to you. In addition, you'll need to ensure the browser you are using has cookies enabled and that any ad blocking plugins or extensions are disabled.

Feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions regarding these steps.