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Blacklisting Domains to Boost ROI

Got a domain that’s underperforming for your web retargeting?  Now you can add it to your domain blacklist right from the dashboard. Save time and get even better results from your web retargeting campaigns. If you’re running a web retargeting campaign and you’re not updating your blacklist to filter out low-performing domains, you’re missing out on ROI boosts of up to 30%.

Here's how to update your blacklist in SharpSpring Ads:

  1. Set your date range to “Last 30 days”.
  2. Select the “Inventory” tab in the Perfect Audience dashboard
  3. Click the “CTR” column header to sort the results by Click through rate in order of highest to lowest
  4. Scroll down to the bottom to see your lowest performing domains
  5. Blacklist any domains with click rates of less than 0.01% or so, with zero conversions. To do this, click the pause icon found in the "Options" column of the Inventory chart. Click again to unblock the domain.

By using this feature and following these simple steps you’ll spend more of your funds on better performing sites that drive more results.