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Using Geo Targeting in Your Campaigns

If you'd like to view a video of this process, that is available here.

If you're looking to serve ads only for specific countries or regions of the USA, you can use Geo Targeting within your campaigns. Geo Targeting will allow you to assign specific areas in which you want your ads to serve. 

Geo Targeting settings can be added when launching a new campaign, or by editing an existing campaign. To edit these settings, in Step One of your campaign setup form, look for the "Geo Targeting" tab:


Click Geo Targeting to open the tab and set your options:

You can choose to target all countries (default), target specific countries, or DMAs (Designated Market Areas). DMAs are large metropolitan regions of the USA, determined by the Neilsen Company. Simply select the option you want to target, then type in the name of the country or DMA you're looking to add.

Here's an example where we've decided to target only the United States and Canada in our campaign:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and save when you're done. That's it! The campaign will now start serving based off your Geo Targeting settings.

Note: Geo Targeting can greatly decrease the number of impressions served since we'll be targeting fewer site visitors. We do not recommend using Geo Targeting for audiences under 5,000 users in size.