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News Feed FAQ

What should I put in my ad?
The best news feed campaigns are highly conversational in tone and invite users to comment or share the post with their friends.  

Make interesting ads that will get people talking. Try promoting content. There are a lot of fun possibilities for engagement here.

How should I think about News Feed ads vs. sidebar ads?
News Feed ads and sidebar ads compliment each other powerfully. In our tests, we've seen that running both at once generates more conversions than running just one or the other. News Feed campaigns are great because they reach people who focus on the News Feed, and sidebar ads are great for reaching everyone else on Facebook.

How much should I bid?
65% of Facebook advertisers run News Feed campaigns and Facebook is stingy with the inventory. So you want to bid aggressively.  Right now, we recommend you either use Optimized bidding for these campaigns OR Manually bid a flat $30 CPM. (Manual bidding is not available during your Free Trial.)

How does impression counting work in the News Feed?
With News Feed retargeting, you're not actually paying per impression. You're paying per insertion into a user's News Feed. This is why the CPMs are higher and overall impressions are lower. Once the post is inserted into a user's feed, it will be seen multiple times and can be shared commented on, and liked just like any other News Feed post.

Why do I have to connect my SharpSpring Ads account to Facebook?
Our real-time bidding platform needs to be able to talk to your Facebook page AND our analytics API needs to be able to talk to your specific posts. This is why we require you to connect your SharpSpring Ads account to your Facebook Page.